Giclee Reproductions


5"x7" Matted (8"x10") $25.00

8"x10" Matted (11"x14") $35.00


5"x7" Matted (8"x10") $25.00

8"x10" Matted (11"x14") $35.00

I will be adding more reproductions soon. If you are interested in purchasing a reproduction or original please contact me at [email protected]

My new book The God Burden is now on Amazon!

The God Burden contains 31 color images of my drawings. I've also included a few essays that provide insight to the drawings in the book.

"...this book contains both my wisdom and stupidity. My art will complement your meanings or contradict them. It doesn’t matter what you think about my drawings as long as they compel you to think. I suppose this is my mission as an artist. I hope that my drawings resonate with some part of you and will encourage you to think about yourself and your place in this complex, uncertain world."

You can now find my books at
Visual Journaling:
Making Visible
Your Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing
Through Drawing and Writing

                              $20.00 + shipping

A Whisper from the Moon 
Art and Poetry 

                              $14.95 + shipping